Driveway Construction

Driveway Construction

Under the powers vested in council under the Roads Act 1993, Council may recover the cost of constructing or repairing a driveway crossing.

"The land owner of land adjoining a public road is liable to pay to the appropriate authority (Council), the cost incurred by the authority in constructing or repairing any special crossing over a footway in the public road, for the traffic of vehicles across the footway to and from the land" Roads Act 1993

Council provides the design levels for access to your property to ensure your vehicle can enter and exit without damage.

Always check with Council prior to altering internal property levels, as you may incur damage to your vehicle or council infrastructure such as footpath or road pavement.

Make sure you use levels provided and checked by council design staff.

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Quotations and inspections

All driveway works require approval from Council and the submission of an application form.

Generally it costs in the vicinity of $3 000 to $4 000 to reconstruct a standard 3.5m driveway.

Council can provide you with a quote for construction works (outside of your property) or you may use your own contractor. Council will however, carry out the necessary inspections to ensure compliance with the design.



Following the application, Council will provide design plans and or advice to assist you in the proposed works. 

Driveway Application Form 2014-15

Download Application_-_Construction_of_Work_by_Private_Contractor.pdf Application - Construction of Work By Private Contractor (57KB)

Download Specs_for_Construction_By_Private_Contractor_-_Updated_1.6.2010.pdf Standard Specifications - Specifications for construction by a Private Contractor (43KB) 

Download Layback_and_Access_Details_-_SD041.pdf Driveways - Layback and Access Details (129KB) 

Download Footpath_Construction_-_SD047.pdf Standard Footpath Construction Plan (50KB)