Development Application Assessment

Development Application Assessment

While the Development Application is on neighbour notification, Council begins assessing the proposal.

We are required to consider many factors, including:

  • Compliance with the objectives and requirements of our Codes and Policies.
  • Effects upon neighbours, such as privacy loss, overshadowing or loss of views.
  • The Building Code of Australia.

Depending upon its nature and complexity, our assessment of the proposal may need input from several of the following members of our professional staff:

  • Development Assessment Officer/Town Planner
  • Development Assessment Officer/Building Surveyor
  • Engineer
  • Environmental Health Officer 
  • Landscape Architect
  • Tree Management Officer
  • Heritage Advisor

If we receive a letter from a person objecting to or otherwise concerned about an aspect of the proposal, we will usually arrange to meet them to discuss their concerns in more detail.  If we believe their concerns are justified, we will then contact the applicant about the matter in the hope that it may be possible to address it without major inconvenience to either the applicant or that person.

Unfortunately, sometimes a development proposal may impact upon someone to a large degree, or upon several persons in the surrounding area.  When this happens, the process of dealing with these concerns may be a lengthy one, and ultimately may not be resolved to everyone's complete satisfaction.

In some instances we may request the applicant submit revised plans to deal with issues of non-compliance with Council's Codes or serious impacts upon neighbours.   

All parties involved in the Development Assessment process have different rights and responsibilities.

The recognition of such rights and responsibilities ensures that the assessment/decision making process is carried out transparently and that all parties are satisfied with the approach taken, even if they do not agree with the final outcomes/decisions.

For more information refer to Council's Fact Sheet: Download 5_rightsresponsv2.pdf Rights and Responsibilities (110KB)