Development Application Forms & Fees

Development Application Forms & Fees

DA Forms

All the relevant forms and checklists are available on Council's website in Forms A-Z.

DA Fees

When lodging a Development Application with Council, the following fees may be applicable at the time of lodgement;

  • The Development Application fee
  • A neighbour notification/Advertising administration fee
  • An archiving fee
  • Placement of DA notice on site

If referrals to other authorities such as Sydney Airports, Waterways NSW are required the appropriate referral fees are also payable.
If applying for a  Construction Certificate at the same time as the DA, the CC application fee (this fee is substantially reduced when the application is made in conjunction with the Development Application).

DA & CC Fees are calculated from a genuine estimated contract value of the proposed works.  Council may review the estimated cost of works.

Other fees or payments may be applicable, but are not required until the applications are approved and ready for collection from Council.  The fees can include but are not limited to the following;

  • Construction Certificate
  • PCA Inspection Fee
  • Footpath Damage Deposit
  • Long Service Levy  

The current fees and charges are listed in the Management Plan.