Heritage Conservation

Heritage Items

Kogarah City Council has 164 local heritage items comprising individual buildings, structures, trees and landscape features.

What does this mean?

A heritage listed item demonstrates historical, scientific, cultural, social, archaeological, architectural, natural and/or aesthetic values.

Is my property heritage listed?

All local heritage items are listed under Schedule 5 of the Kogarah Local Environmental Plan 2012 (KLEP 2012).Some items may also be listed as State Significant under the NSW Heritage Act 1977.

Information about the local or state significance of each item can be found within the State Heritage Inventory.

Heritage Conservation Areas

There are three Heritage Conservation Areas (HCAs) within the Kogarah area. These include:

  • Penshurst Heritage Conservation Area;
  • O’Brien’s Estate Heritage Conservation Area; and
  • Kogarah South Heritage Conservation Area.

All buildings within a HCA have been categorised as either Contributory, Neutral or Intrusive items.

Is my property located within a Heritage Conservation Area?

Councils three HCAs are listed within Schedule 5 of the KLEP 2012.

Council’s HCA Assessment Guidelines under the Kogarah Development Control Plan 2013 (KDCP 2013) provide detailed information for property owners who are thinking of proposing changes to their properties.

The Guidelines include a map allowing property owners to find out which category their property is classified as either Contributory, Neutral or Intrusive items and the meaning of each category.

Do I need approval?

Heritage items and significant items located within a heritage conservation area contribute to and exemplify the heritage significance of the Kogarah area. Planning controls are aimed at protecting items and areas of significance so that our rich heritage is preserved.

When is development consent not required?

Some type of minor work such as maintenance and repair may not negatively impact the heritage significance of a building and may not require development consent.

Subclause 5.10(3)(a) of the KLEP 2012 specifies certain development that may be carried out to heritage items or properties within heritage conservation areas without the need for development consent but still need approval from Council.

These works may include re-painting a building in an original or appropriate colour scheme, replacing gutters, downpipes and window casements to match original details or restoring a front verandah to its original detail.

This requires documentation of works to be submitted to Council and written approval from Council to be subsequently provided. Council will only authorise such work where it is satisfied that the significance of the item or property within a HCA will not be adversely affected.

If your request is approved, you will receive written confirmation that your works do not require consent.

When is development consent required?

If the proposed work to your property is not considered development without consent or if the development does not satisfy the exempt and complying development requirements under the KLEP 2012 or a State Environmental Planning Policy, works to a heritage listed property or property within a HCA will require development consent from Council.

Can I get pre-development advice?

Council offers a preliminary development service for heritage properties. It allows Council to provide feedback on a proposal from a heritage perspective, which can then be taken into consideration by the applicant in the preparation of a Development Application.

This service is free of charge.

Who can I talk to?

General heritage enquiries and development applications which have heritage issues are referred to Council's Heritage Advisor. However, initial development advice should be obtained by speaking to the Duty Planner by phoning Customer Service on (02) 9330 9400.