Monitoring of building sites

Monitoring of building sites

Council's rangers monitor building sites to ensure the sites are not polluting the environment, including noise, air and water pollution. Sand, soil, cement slurry and other building materials that enter our waterways can kill aquatic flora and fauna, silt up streams and block stormwater pipes, which can lead to increased flooding.

All development sites must comply with council's Environmental Site Management policy.

For further details and guidance refer to Landcom's Managing Urban Stormwater - Soils and Construction commonly known as the Blue Book.

Both these documents provide details on how to store stockpiles, protect stormwater drains and the installation of sediment controls. The Do It Right On Site fact sheets are available from the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) website                                                                        

Inadequate Sediment Erosion Controls No Sediment Erosion Controls

Inadequate Sediment Erosion Controls  

No Sediment Erosion Controls

The Protection of the Environment Operations Act provides council with the legislative powers to issue notices and infringements for practices that are or have the potential to contaminate the environment.