Food safety supervisor

Food safety supervisor

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What is the new initiative about?

In New South Wales, a new legislation has been passed which requires certain food businesses to nominate a designated food safety supervisor (FSS) who has received accredited training in safe food handling.

Which businesses will this apply to?

The food safety supervisor requirement applies to businesses serving food that is:

  • ready to eat
  • potentially hazardous, and
  • not sold or served in its original packaging.

Examples of businesses that may require a FSS include restaurants, cafes, take away shops, bakeries, caterers, mobile food vans, temporary food stalls, pubs, clubs and hotels.

Who will be providing the training?

To become a food safety supervisor, there are certain units of competency which an individual must complete. These must be provided by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that has been approved by the NSW Food Authority.

Approved RTOs are published on the NSW Food Authority's website. Approved RTO's have already commenced food safety supervisor training. Food businesses have until October 1, 2011 to complete the units of competency.

When a person successfully completes the units of competency, the RTO will then issue that person with a FSS Certificate.

What are the training requirements?

The following units of competency must be completed in order to obtain a Food Safety Supervisor Certificate:

  • Follow Workplace Hygiene Procedures (SITXOHS002A) and Implement Food Safety Procedures (SITXFSA001A)
  • Apply Retail Food Safety Practices (SIRRFSA001A)

What is a FSS Certificate?

A FSS Certificate provides a consistent form of documentation to enable Council's Environmental Health Officers to easily identify the FSS.

The FSS Certificate states a person is qualified to be a food safety supervisor and has been issued by an approved RTO. The certificate is valid for five years from the date of issue.

It is a legal requirement that all businesses keep a copy of their FSS Certificate in their food premises and can produce it for inspection upon request.

Once you have received your FSS Certificate, please complete the FSS Notification Form and send it with a copy of your certificate to Council.

Where can I obtain more information?

Council's Environmental Health Officers can assist if you require clarification or further information. To speak to an officer, please call 02 9330 9413.

The NSW Food Authority's website also contains guidelines, fact sheets and a list of approved RTOs which you may find helpful.