Mobile & temporary food premises

Mobile & temporary food premises

Mobile food vans

Each mobile food van that trades within the Kogarah City Council Local Government Area must be inspected by one of Council's Environmental Health Officers annually.

At the completion of a satisfactory inspection, a permit outlining the conditions of approval will be issued. Should any of these conditions be breached, the approval may be revoked. The approval must be kept within the van and produced on request by a Council officer.

All mobile food van owners and workers must comply with the requirements of the Food Standards Code and the Mobile Food Vending Policy.

Temporary food premises

Temporary food premises include stalls at fetes or fairs that are not permanent structures. Just like all food premises they must comply with legislative requriements, such as the Food Standards Code to ensure safe and suitable food is produced and sold.

All temporary food premises must have written approval from Council and comply with Council's policy for Temporary food premises.

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