Say Yes to Heart Healthy Oils

Say Yes to Heart Healthy Oils


Kogarah's 'Say No to Transfats' program was adopted by Council in March 2009. This initiative was an Australian first program that aimed to educate the community on the health implications associated with eating foods high in transfats.

During the 2010-2011 financial year, Council's Environmental Health Officers inspected and checked the cooking oils used in over 220 food businesses and found that 93% of businesses were complying with Council's ban on transfats.

It was also found that most food businesses were using liquid vegetable oils such as canola, olive and sunflower. Businesses identified as not complying with the ban were encouraged to make a voluntary oil change for the obvious health benefits outlined in the educational material from Council and the Heart Foundation.

Since the very beginning, the program has received interest and support Australia wide through the media, state government, politicians, other councils and the Heart Foundation. The program has also been recognised at both state and national levels by the NSW Food Authority and the Heart Foundation.

As a result of the widespread success of the program, Council has now expanded the existing 'Say No to Transfats' program to include banning those cooking oils that contain high levels of saturated fats. Like transfats, saturated fats increase the risk of developing heart disease. Research also suggests that cottonseed oil complies with Council's transfats ban however is not eligible for the heart foundation tick due to its high saturated fat content.

The 'Say Yes to Heart Healthy Oils' program will see Council's Environmental Health Officers encourage food businesses to promote the importance of heart health to their customers by using cooking oils that are eligible for the Heart Foundation Tick. Healthy oils can include canola, sunflower, olive and soyabean.

Food businesses preparing and cooking with heart healthy oils are given a sticker to display in their shop front window so the general public can identify those businesses that are doing the right thing by helping to reduce heart disease in the Kogarah area.

Food Businesses Saying Yes to Heart Healthy Oils

Further Information

Transfats fact sheet for food businesses (pdf 363KB)

Transfats fact sheet for consumers (pdf 683KB)

To find out more information about healthy eating or providing healthier foods to your customers, please visit the Heart Foundation website.