Scores on Doors

Scores on Doors

Kogarah City Council, in conjunction with the NSW Food Authority has volunteered to participate in the 'Scores on Doors' Pilot Program. The program only applies to restaurants, cafes, takeaway shops, bakeries, pubs, clubs and hotels.

'Scores on Doors' is a system which allows the public to view a scorecard issued by council following an unannounced food premises hygiene inspection carried out by Council's Environmental Health Officers (EHOs). The scorecard will show a star rating ranging from three stars indicating a 'good' level of food safety compliance, to five stars, indicating an 'excellent' level of food safety compliance.

A food business must display their scorecard, indicating their star rating at each public entrance of the premises, usually in the front window or door.

Star Ratings System

During the inspection, businesses are assessed against a food safety checklist and assigned a star rating reflecting their performance: 

Star Rating Definition

5 stars

The business has achieved the highest level of compliance (5 stars) with food safety standards.

4 stars
Very Good

The business has very good food safety practises in place (4 stars). Some minor areas where standards were not met will need to be addressed.

3 stars

The business has a good standard of food safety compliance (3 stars). A number of areas, although not serious need to be corrected.

View Star Rated food businesses here.

'Scores on Doors' is a good advertisement for those food businesses that comply with food safety legislation. The pilot program also allows the public to make an educated decision when choosing where to eat out in relation to food safety.

For further information please contact Council's Environmental Health Officers on 9330 9412.

Further Information

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