Street Tree Management

Council has over 12,000 street trees which are managed in accordance with our Street Tree Management Strategy and Masterplan (adopted in June 2009).

The principal objective of the Masterplan is to ensure that 'the right tree is located in the right location' and that each tree is appropriate for the environmental conditions and the constraints of the location. When trees age or are continually pruned under  powerlines, their general health, condition, structure and safety comes into question as they become even more susceptible to disease and failure.

Council's Masterplan has been carefully prepared to ensure that only those trees that have been assessed as being dangerous or which pose a high risk to the public and public infrastructure, are infact considered for removal and replacement.

For more information on Council's Street Tree Management Strategy and Masterplan, please refer to the document below:

Download Street_Tree_Management_Strategy_+_Masterplan.pdf Street Tree Management Strategy and Masterplan (13.01MB)