Bicycle Safety

Bicycle Safety

Riding a Bicycle

Shared Paths

Council's shared paths are for the use of both bicycle riders and pedestrians, to courteously share the facility. 

Bicycle riders please:

  • Ring your bell well ahead of the pedestrian.
  • Ride past the pedestrian at a slow pace.


  • Keep to the left to allow space for bicycle riders to pass.
  • Hold children by the hand, and keep dogs on lead.

The Path Is There To Share

Tips to teach children when learning to ride

  • If riding on the footpath (legal for those under 12 years only) always stop at each intersection to look for traffic, especially turning vehicles.
  • Pedestrians can be startled by being buzzed by bicycle riders. It is courteous to ring well ahead and to leave plenty of space when passing a pedestrian. Ride very slowly near pedestrians, especially seniors and young children.
  • For a helmet to be useful, it has to be fitted well and the clip has to be done up (otherwise it will fall off in a bump or fall). For helmet laws and correct fitting guide visit Transport for NSW.

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