Timeline of Kogarah's History

Timeline of Kogarah's History

Important dates

100,000 years ago Aboriginal people reached Australia.

Dreaming - 1770 - Over 500 Aboriginal nations occupy specific areas of Australia.

1770 - Captain Cook arrived in Botany Bay and recommended it for a convict colony.

1788 - First Fleet arrived in Botany Bay, comprising 11 ships and more than 1000 persons.  Captain Arthur Phillip, expedition leader and first Governor, then moved the Fleet to Sydney Cove in Port Jackson where a settlement was established.

1788-1789 - Captain John Hunter, later governor of the Colony, explored "West River" (Georges River) and "North West River" (Cooks River).

1789 -  Infectious epidemic kills many of the Eora tribe.

1789-95 - Georges River named - possibly after King George III.

1795 - Matthew Flinders and George Bass explored the Georges River and mapped 20 miles upstream as far as Liverpool.

1808 - First land grants in the area to the Townson Brothers, John and Robert.

1813 - Local timber and charcoal burning supplies being shipped from Botany Bay to Sydney

1840 - Cooks River dam completed.  A wide thoroughfare across its top provided vehicular access to areas to the south.

1850s - Goldrush depletes local population of labourers.

1861 - St George population: 1,619

1884 - Kogarah Railway Station opened. 

          - Illawarra Railway Line built.

          - Judd's brickworks opened at Mortdale.

1885 - Kogarah incorporated as a municipal district.

1886 - Kogarah elects first council and mayor: Edward Hogben.

          - Andrew Derwent took up an oyster lease in Neverfail Bay.

1887 - Kogarah to Sans Souci trams commenced service.

          - Kogarah School of Arts building opened.

          - Two Aboriginal adults and two children recorded as receiving rations from the Aborigines Protection Board at Kogarah.

1888 - Kogarah area was divided into three Wards.

1894 - St George Cottage Hospital opened with eight beds by Mrs. J. Lamrock, wife of Dr. Lamrock.

1895 - Kogarah Fire Station, Kensington Street, opened.

1905 - Number of Wards increased from three to four with each Ward having three aldermen.

1912 - Kogarah Council Chambers, Belgrave Street, built.

1920 - St George County Council (Electricity) begins to convert gas street lighting and supply 2,000 homes.

          - St George Rugby League joins grade competition

1924 - Dedication of Carss Bush Park

1926 - Electrification of Illawarra Railway line.

1929 - Georges River (Tom Ugly's) Bridge opened.

1934 -  Kogarah Council creates Oatley Bay Reserve

1937 - Trolley bus service through Kogarah - from Rockdale to Dolls Point - replaced steam trams.

          - St George Cooperative Building Society Ltd. established.

1941 - St George Rugby league team wins the first grade premiership.

1950 - 12,000 attend Jubilee Oval to watch St George v Souths rugby league match.

1956-1966 - St George Rugby League team wins eleven first grade premierships in a row.

1959 - Trolley bus service ceased.

1967 - The Works Depot officially opened on 12 August by Mayor E.A. Duggan.

1970 - Kogarah Library Service established.

1971 - Carss Cottage Museum opened by Kogarah Historical Society.

1972 - Judd's Brickworks, Mortdale, ceased production and chimney stacks demolished the following year.

1973 - Kogarah Civic Centre opened by the Governor of NSW

1979 - St George County Council (Electricity) is amalgamated with Sydney County Council.

1980 - Alexander Mackie College of Advanced Education opened at Oatley on the site of  Judd's Brickworks.

1987 - Southbound Georges River (Tom Ugly's) Bridge opened.

1990 - University of NSW, St George campus, opened on site of the former College of Advanced Education, Oatley.

1995 - St George Private Hospital Opens with 206 beds

1996 - Census population of Kogarah: 47,618.

1997 - Kogarah Council Customer Service Centre opened.

2000 - Moore Reserve Wetlands project started.

          - Building commenced on new premises for Kogarah Police Station.

2001 - Excavation started on the Kogarah Town Square Development.

          - Georges River College (combined high school and TAFE) opened on the site of the former University of NSW, St George campus at Oatley.

2002 - New Kogarah Police Station officially opened in April.

2003 - Kogarah Town Square Development officially opened on 5 September.