Community Services Plans

Community Services Plans

Ageing Strategy

In April 2013, Council endorsed the Ageing Strategy. The strategy is a whole-of-Council approach that considers the impact of an ageing population on Council programs and services and possible future responses to the changing needs of the population.

Ageing Strategy 2013 (1.38MB)


Bright Future, Better Lifestyle

Kogarah City Council is undertaking a wide ranging strategic planning process to develop a Community Strategic Plan which will set the direction for Kogarah's community and council over the next 20 years.

Bright Future, Better Lifestyle will identify the community's main priorities and expectations for the future and will identify strategies for achieving these goals.


Kogarah Cultural Plan

In 2007, Kogarah City Council developed the first Kogarah Cultural Plan. Cultural plans are increasingly being used both in Australia and around the world to plan for cultural development in communities, as increasingly the role of culture and the arts is seen as one of the crucial foundations for building sustainable communities. The development of the plan has involved extensive research and consultation with the local community. The Cultural Plan has been reviewed in 2013 to ensure it remains relevant to the community and reflective of the changing and cultural and community landscape.

Kogarah Cultural Plan (2MB)


Community Safety Strategy 2013

The City of Kogarah has a long-standing commitment to community safety and crime prevention. Council developed its first Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan in 2007, which was endorsed by the NSW Attorney General as a Safer Community Compact Plan. Council has successfully implemented projects targeting specific crimes through Attorney General's crime prevention grants as well as implementing an annual program of initiatives to promote community safety and crime prevention. These projects have been implemented with the endorsement of Council's Community Services Working Party. Ensuring safe streets, parks and public spaces is an integral part of Council's work, as is working in collaboration with a range of stakeholders to promote a safe and vibrant community.

This strategy provides a framework for Council to continue to strengthen its community safety and crime prevention programs in collaboration with key partners and our local community.

Community Safety Strategy 2013 (693KB)


Youth Strategy

In 2011, Kogarah City Council developed it's first Youth Strategy. This document reinforces Council's commitment to young people and outlines the specific issues that are of importance to youth in our Local Government Area.

Youth Strategy 2011 (8.7MB)


Multicultural Strategy

Kogarah City Council embraces diversity within our community. We believe that all citizens within our city have the right to be valued, respected and have equal opportunities for a bright future and better lifestyle. This policy reaffirms Kogarah City Council's commitment to multiculturalism.

Multicultural Strategy (6.26MB)


Disability and Access Action Plan

The Disability and Access Action Plan outlines Council's commitment to equity, access, participation and rights for people with disability.

Disability and Access Action Plan 2013 (294KB)


Disability and Access Action Plan MP3

The Disability and Access Action Plan outlines Council's commitment to equity, access, participation and rights for people with disability. In line with this commitment, an audio version of this Plan has been provided by Vision Australia for people with a visual impairment.

Disability and Access Action Plan (DAAP) Title

Table of Contents



DAAP and Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework

Implementation and Reporting

Purpose of DAAP

Policy and Legislative Framework

Other Strategies and Plans

Disability Profile of the City of Kogarah

Kogarah City Council's Key Achievements

Disability Action Planning Framework in Local Government

Kogarah City Council DAAP List of Actions

Closing Announcement