At Kogarah we value the experience, skills, knowledge, innovation and passion you could potentially bring to one of the many positions on offer within a variety of our career areas.

Some of our areas of employment include, but are not limited to:

  • Outdoor - Parks and Playgrounds, Trees & Gardens, Engineering, Maintenance, Cleaning and Waste
  • Professional - Planning, Development, Management, Engineering
  • Administration - Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Governance, Customer Service
  • Children's Services
  • Library

Visit Kogarah City Council's Career and Latest Positions  section. Here you can view any vacant positions, apply online, learn about the work experience program, causal oportunities and many more.

Variety and Flexibility on offer

We offer interesting and challenging positions for professionals, school leavers, those who are looking to work while completing further study, mums or dads who are looking for a work/home balance and tradespersons. We are committed to providing flexibility by offering full-time, part-time and casual positions as well as traineeships.

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