North Ward Councillors

North Ward Councillors

 Mayor Cr Stephen Agius

Mobile: 0419 556 023
Fax: 9587 4595

Clr Stephen Agius (Mayor)


Councillor Stephen Agius was re-elected as a North Ward councillor on September 8 2012. He was elected as Mayor at the council meeting on Monday 23 September 2013 for the 2013-2014 council term.

Councillor Agius is Council's alternate representative of the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC). 

He is a Chiropractor and has operated his own business in the Kogarah CBD for seven years. As a local business owner and resident, he is in continual consultation with the community and understands their needs and expectations of there local councilors.

Priority issues:

  • Ensuring appropriate development in our community and keeping high rise development out of our residential areas.
  • See the continual upgrade of our parks, footpaths and open spaces.
  • Addressing the parking issues in and around our community.
  • To ensure the appropriate provision for our childcare, libraries and aged care facilities.
  • To work on traffic issues around North ward.  



Nick Katris

Mobile: 0419 402 191
Fax: 9747 5046

Clr Nick Katris 


Nick Katris was re-elected as a North Ward councillor on 8 September 2012. He served as Mayor for the 2007/08 term, having been elected unopposed at the Council meeting of 24 September 2007.

Nick Katris has lived in Kogarah for over 25 years. He holds tertiary qualifications in Architecture and Planning from the Universities of New South Wales and Sydney respectively and as a Registered Architect / Town Planner, has been in private practise for over 30 years. He is acutely aware of how environmental issues affect the well being of residents and as a councillor, he works to monitor the quality of types of development in the Kogarah Local Government Area and protect residents against poorly planned development.

He is currently serving his fifth term as a councillor and serves on various Boards (such as the Building Regulations Advisory Council) as a Local Government Association Representative and chairs Kogarah City Council's Planning and Environmental Services Working Party and previously chaired the Estuary and Flood Plain Management Working Party. He is currently a member of the Community Development and Access Working Party, the Council Community Services Working Party, the Assets and Services Working Party and the Governance and Corporate Services Working Party. He is also a member of the Georges River Combined Councils Committee, the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC), Kogarah Community Services Inc. and the Sydney East Joint Regional Planning Panel.

The Planning and Environmental Services Working Party oversaw the coordination of the development of Kogarah's Town Centre, which has won in excess of 15 design excellence and ecologically sustainable development awards.

The Estuary and Flood Plain Management Working Party (which Nick Katris chaired for over seven years) also oversaw the procurement of over $5 million in Government grants to satisfy Council's goal of "Putting Total Water Cycle Management into Practise in Kogarah".

In his previous role as a Board Member of the Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Managment Authority, he has actively promoted the facilitation of the engagement of local communities in decision making about the management of natural resources within the catchment. He has also been actively involved in the creation and implementation of the Catchment Action Plan.

Nick Katris has improved his level of expertise in Corporate Governance by successfully completing and passing the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) Directors Essentials in 2006 and, subsequently, attended refresher courses in order to ensure that he has effective input in Council's Corporate Governance.

He also gained further knowledge and qualifications in matters relating to biodiversity, conservation and threatened species and the role of BioBanking in the development industry by successfully completing and passing the BioBanking Assessor Course in 2009 at the Northern Sydney Institute - Ryde College.  

During his term as Mayor, Nick Katris was actively involved in many initiatives that resulted in the reduction of our locality's carbon footprint, and instigated ecologically sustainable Council practices and conserved and improved biodiversity in our Local Government Area.

Councillor Katris' further priorities for his community are to:

  • Assist in the management of all types of proposed development for least impact on environmentally sensitive areas, to restrict over-development and ensure that new development is appropriately located and achieves higher quality urban design resolution.
  • Ensure that Council funds and finances are effectively and appropriately managed and appropriate returns are achieved by Council assets, whilst still recognising that Council has to maintain a social conscience and provide assistance to those in need within our community.
  • Ensure that all our public recreational community facilities, our roads, footpaths and community facilities are adequately and appropriately maintained.
  • Support small business initiatives in order to enhance the viability of our commercial districts.
  • Ensure that Council takes actions and implements initiatives that are ecologically and environmentally sustainable.
  • Provide an effective voice on Council for all matters that affect the local community.
  • Ensure that he is always accessible and anybody can make contact with him to raise any Local Government issues that concern them.



Lachlan McLean

Mobile: 0419 555 863
Fax: 9587 4618

Clr Lachlan McLean


Councillor Lachlan Mclean was re-elected as a North Ward councillor on September 8 2012.

Priority issues:

  • To stop overdevelopment in North Ward and throughout Kogarah;
  • Fight the state government's plan for an extra 2,500 dwellings in Kogarah;
  • Work to improve care for the elderly by supporting improved community transport and access for seniors in the local area;
  • Encourage the growth of local businesses by addressing the parking issues in North Ward;
  • Work to improve our parks and open space by ensuring improved maintenance by council;
  • Ensure Kogarah Council's finances are managed prudently.

He is a member of the Assets and Services Working Party, the Governance and Corporate Services Working Party and the Planning and Environmental Services Working Party.