About Biodiversity

About Biodiversity

Biodiversity is a term used to refer to the variety of life on earth and is usually broken into three levels including:

  • ecosystem diversity
  • species diversity and
  • genetic diversity.

This includes all life forms, both animals and plants and their unique genetic information. Biodiversity can be described in terms of the variety and number of species and the genetic variation within species, between populations and within a specific ecosystem (CSIRO, 2009). 

Australia's unique and rich biodiversity underpins much of our country's economy and our national identity and management of these resources is therefore important. Protecting and strengthening habitats and ecosystems is the most effective way to protect individual species and therefore Kogarah's biodiversity. Council undertakes a range of land management programs which aim to enhance the natural systems.

For more information on Kogarah's unique biodiversity, please contact Kogarah City Council on 9330 9400.