Bush Regeneration

Bush Regeneration

The Kogarah area boasts 58 hectares of remnant bushland, mostly along the Georges River. This contains a variety of indigenous flora and fauna species including some that are threatened or endangered. These species are constantly affected by threats such as:

  • fragmentation of vegetation
  • urban runoff
  • invasion of garden escapes and noxious weeds (eg Lantana, Privet)
  • vandalism (tree poisoning, rubbish dumping)
  • encroachment
  • feral animals (cats and foxes).

To minimise the effect of these threats to our remnant bushland several bush regeneration projects are carried out on an ongoing basis. These projects involve revegetation, removal of noxious weeds, rubbish removal, creek restoration and embankment stabilisation. It is expected that such projects will improve the diversity of Kogarah's indigenous native flora which will provide habitat for our native animals.

Remnant bushlands

Sites of remnant bushland are: Baldface Point Reserve, Carss Bush Park, Church Street Reserve, Kyle Williams Reserve, Moore Reserve, Oatley Pleasure Grounds, Oatley Memorial Gardens, Oatley Point Reserve, Poulton Park, Redin Place Reserve and Shipwrights Bay Reserve.

Threatened and endangered species

  • Gosford Wattle (Acacia prominens): Endangered Population, Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995, located at Carss Bush Park
  • Sydney Turpentine - Ironbark Forest: Endangered Ecological Community, Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995, located at Poulton Park, Shipwrights Bay Reserve and Bell Park
  • Tetratheca neglecta 3RC, found at Poulton Park

Get involved

If you are a local resident interested in looking after the local environment, why not join the Kogarah Bush Care Volunteers. Volunteers help plant native species and remove noxious weeds and rubbish from the bush. Kogarah City Council operates three Bush Care groups on different days of the month including:

  • Moore Reserve - 1st Sunday of the month
  • Oatley Pleasure Grounds - 3rd Sunday of the month
  • Poulton Park - 2nd and 4th Friday of the month (9am - 12pm)

For more information contact Council's Parks and Waterways Department on 9330 9451 or email parks@kogarah.nsw.gov.au