Bushfire Management Plans

Bushfire Management Plans

Bushfire management plans aim to describe the objectives, strategies and activities for bushfire management within their respective reserves for the next 10 years and provides further framework for continued management beyond 2020.

These plans address both the life and property protection, biodiversity and conservation goals of fire management within the respective reserves. These plans also provide guidance on fire prevention and fire suppression strategies. 

Seven primary objectives of the bushfire management plan have been identified for the reserves and are listed below:

1.  Meet Council's legislative requirements in terms of its public risk liability.

2.  Minimise unplanned (human caused) bushfires.

3.  Minimise the spread of bushfires in the reserve.

4.  Protect persons and property within and adjacent to the reserve.

5.  Manage fire regimes and hazard reduction activities to avoid extinction of species, communities and populations.

6.  Protect cultural assets from damage by fire and hazard reduction activities.

7.  To positively contribute to Council's climate change initiatives by providing planning to assist in the mitigation of effects accelerated by climate change and address additional risks to biodiversity.

See plans below for further information on bushfire management with regards to process and procedures for residents.