Water and Estuary Management Plans

Water and Estuary Management Plans

Kogarah Bay Estuary Management Plan

To effectively manage the Kogarah Bay Estuary and its catchment, council is currently implementing the Kogarah Bay Estuary Management Plan. The plan includes strategies to improve water quality, enhance foreshore infrastructure and improve public enjoyment of the foreshore.

Kogarah Bay Estuary Management Plan (pdf 2.34MB)

Oatley Bay Estuary Management Plan

An Estuary Management Plan has recently been completed for Oatley Bay. The document recommends projects and works that can be carried out over the next 5 years (towards 2015) to improve local water quality, the environment and public enjoyment of the Oatley Bay foreshore.

Oatley Bay Estuary Management Plan (2009) (pdf 3.63MB)

Water Quality Management Strategy

As a result of a key action under the Georges River Stormwater Management Plan, Kogarah City Council produced an overall strategy for the management of water quality within the Kogarah area.

Some major objectives of the final document include identifying critical areas and issues related to water quality management, improving relationships with stakeholders and setting priorities.     

Water Quality Management Strategy 2004 (pdf 1.89MB)

Middle Bay Estuary Process Study

An Estuary Process Study has been recently performed for the Middle Bays (Connells, Kyle, Shipwright). The document recommends focus areas of study for the Bays prior to the completion of the Estuary Management Plan.