Catchment and Waterways Overview

Catchment and Waterways Overview

The City of Kogarah includes a wide variety of landscapes. A catchment is like a huge basin of land. When rainwater falls on it, most of the water will drain to the lowest point of the basin. There are over 18 kilometres of river foreshore on the Georges River which is part of the Kogarah local government area and this is where most of our run-off is collected.

By living in a catchment, we all affect the quality of our local waterways through our day-to-day behaviour. Rainwater that runs off our roofs, driveways, footpaths and roads drains into a stormwater system. Stormwater ends up in our bays, creeks and rivers along with whatever pollution it holds. It is up to us as a community to clean up our local waterways.

These bays, creeks and rivers are ours, so let's work together to keep Kogarah clean and healthy.

The document below describes the different regions and localities in the Kogarah Local Government Area:

Download Getting_to_Know_Your_Catchment.pdf Getting to know your catchment (1.31MB)

For more information, please contact Council's Catchment Management officer on 02 9330 9459