Environmental Sustainability Vision

Environmental Sustainability Vision

'A Clean, Green and Sustainable City'

Kogarah City Council's Environmental Sustainability Vision is to achieve a 'Clean, Green and Sustainable City'.

This vision recognises our responsibility as a community to protect the environment and to preserve it for current and future generations. A green city is both a challenge and a priority for Council as an urban area. Establishing a balance between the natural and built environment is critical to the success of this vision. Although Council is committed to reducing our ecological footprint, achieving this vision would not be possible without the efforts and support of our community.

Kogarah City Council's Environmental Sustainability Delivery Plan (ESD)

The Environmental Sustainability Delivery Plan 2010-2014 (ESD), adopted on 27 June 2011, serves as an overarching principal framework guiding and providing strategic directions on the organisation's environmental sustainability. The ESD consolidates the organisation's environmental initiatives and applies intelligent foresight to future environmental actions, so as to control future outcomes and achieve the desired vision for the City.

Download ESD_Plan_2011-2014.pdf Environmental Sustainability Delivery Plan 2011-2014 (4.82MB) 

ESD_CSP relationship diagram ESD_plans and policies diagram 3