Kogarah's Environment

Kogarah's Environment

Kogarah City Council is predominantly residential, with most of the housing types found in the City comprising of separate houses. This presents rising housing pressures as the population continues to grow.

Urban development in Kogarah dominates the landscape character, with the majority of land used for residential development, commercial centres, roads and transport, open spaces and to a lesser degree, light industrial development. Kogarah LGA map_pg 28

The City of Kogarah has approximately 14 sites that are categorised as natural areas bushland. These bushland areas are comprised of more than 140 different recorded species of plants. The native vegetation in the parklands also supports a number of native animals, including birds and reptiles, as well as the ring-tail and brush-tail possums.

The impact of humans on the environment includes: 

As the population increases and development continues, it becomes more crucial to manage our remaining natural resources and minimise impacts on Kogarah's environment.