Sustainable Living Guide

Sustainable Living Guide

Kogarah City Council, winner of Australia's Sustainable Cities award in 2011, is leading the way both locally and nationally with our commitment to our Environmental Sustainability vision to achieve a 'Clean, Green and Sustainable City'.

The vision for our City recognises the responsibility of all members of our society to achieve a positive, safe and sustainable future. Although Council is committed to achieving this vision, it would not be possible without the efforts and support of our community. With your help we can achieve a bright future and a better lifestyle.

To see how you can live a 'cleaner, greener and more sustainable life', Kogarah City Council has compiled a list of 50 actions in our Sustainable Living Guide to help you reduce your environmental impact in your garden, home, work and in the community. The Guide also includes tips for transport options.

 Refer to Kogarah City Council's Sustainable Living Guide to find out more.

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