Kogarah Town Centre stormwater upgrade

The area on the east side of Kogarah Train Station is the most built-up, urban locality within the Kogarah Local Government Area (LGA). The large proportion of hard, impervious surfaces means that run-off from storm events can build up quickly and travel very fast. Unfortunately litter and rubbish that is left on the street can easily end up in the gutter, where powerful flows of stormwater move it quickly into the drain. This is how rubbish enters our stormwater system and eventually ends up in our creeks and rivers.

To deal with this litter, council have begun a program of installing several different types of litter traps, designed to collect solid matter so it can be removed and disposed of appropriately.

The improvements will also augment the existing pipe network to capture additional water flow in high run-off areas to reduce the risk of localised flooding.

Two of the different types of stormwater quality improvement devices that have already been installed are shown in the pictures below.

Butt trap









Buttrap: for catching cigarette buts

Litter Basket









Pit litter basket for trapping leaves and rubbish

Stormwater assets replacement

In the Kogarah LGA Council manages more than 96km of stormwater pipes. This network of infrastructure can consist of everything from concrete pipes more than a metre in diameter to plastic pipes less than 20cm across. Council maintained infrastructure also includes stormwater pits, and gross-pollutant-traps.

In order for the stormwater network to run as efficiently as possible, council runs an ongoing program of maintenance and restoration. Minor repairs such as broken cowling around a stormwater pit can be carried out by council works staff. Council staff also remove built-up sediments from street pits to ensure there is no obstacle to water flow.

For more serious problems specialist contractors must be brought in, particularly when a pipe is blocked with rock, sand or tree roots. If the pipe itself is damaged then it may be re-lined with a synthetic resin to reinforce and seal it.

The process of stormwater infrastructure maintenance and repair is ongoing, however many problems become apparent after heavy rain. Examples of repairs can be seen in the photos below.

Storm water drain









Replacing a stormwater pipe and resealing the road surface












Installing a new stormwater pipe at Kyle Bay Reserve