Catchment Crusaders

Catchment Crusaders is an integrated environmental education program that helps develop student's knowledge about environmental issues specific to their catchment.

The aim of the program is to educate students on the importance of local water catchments and practices that may have an adverse impact on local catchment water quality.

Kogarah City Council has offered the Catchment Crusaders program for the past five years to Year 4 students in primary schools across the local government area (LGA) at no cost to the students or their school.

Evaluation of previous participation showed that the program allowed students to understand more about catchment quality, change their behaviour as a result of this, and share what they have learnt with family or friends.

Teachers reported that the program was very worthwhile for students and expressed interest in an annual program in their school

The one day program is broken into two sections: An in-class workshop and catchment field trip.


Introduction "What is a catchment" Workshop

  • Sewer and stormwater system
  • Your catchment healthy catchments
  • Human impacts on catchments
  • Waste/Recycle relay

Bus tour Kogarah City catchment:

  • Local stormwater drain to see litter cage
  • Gross pollutant trap at Carss Park
  • Donnelly Park pit litter basket and street-sweeper demonstration with KCW
  • Poulton Park - saltwater wetland and mangroves

Enquiries: Please contact Council's Catchment Management Officer on 02 9330 9459 for further information if your school is interested in participating in this program.