Floodplain Risk

Floodplain Risk

Floodplain risk management studies and plans

Within the Kogarah Local Government Area there are regions that are at risk of flooding. These are known as flood-liable areas. However the exact extent of potential flooding and the risk to residents was not previously known.

In NSW the responsibility for the management of flood-liable areas falls to local government. To this end council has undertaken floodplain risk management study and plans to determine which areas are prone to flooding (and to what degree). The plans also detail how to reduce the incidence and severity of flooding and how to respond in an emergency.

Floodplain risk management study and plans have been undertaken for the following areas:

  • Kogarah Bay Creek catchment
  • Beverley Park catchment
  • Poulton Park catchment
  • Moore Reserve catchment
  • Middle Bays catchment

Under the NSW State Government's Flood Policy a floodplain risk management study and plan includes four stages:

1. flood study: to determine the extent of the flood problem

2. floodplain risk management study: evaluate management options for the floodplain, in respect of both existing and proposed development

3. floodplain risk management plan: involves formal adoption by council of a plan of management for the floodplain

4. implementation of the plan: construction of flood mitigation works to protect existing development use of local environmental plans to ensure new development is compatible with the flood hazard.