Water Quality Management

Water Quality Management

Water quality management is part of Kogarah City Council's commitment to sustainable development and ensuring public health. Council manages the water that discharges into the Georges River from within its local government area (LGA), as well as providing and managing stormwater facilities in partnership with the community.

Kogarah City Council has developed a targeted 'Water Quality Management Strategy' (WQMS) based on the framework of risk assessment and management. In essence, the WQMS aims to be a key decision making tool for Council.

Council has used the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) as the risk framework for managing both quantity and quality issues to develop the WQMS. HACCP has been used extensively for water supply, sewage treatment and recycled water management in both developed and developing countries.

However, the application of HACCP to stormwater management on a formal scale remains in its infancy.  Kogarah City Council has pioneered the application of HACCP not only to the discharge of stormwater, but also to other potential stormwater applications such as reuse.

Water Quality Monitoring Program (WQMP): Kogarah City Council is determined to ensure a high level of water quality throughout its local government area and has developed an effective water quality-monitoring program to achieve this.

The program has established a community-based water quality-monitoring program, called the Georges River Watchers who are targeting areas that have been identified in the water quality management strategy (2004).

The WQMP commenced in March 2005 with the collection of water samples, by the Georges River Watchers (GRW) from a variety of locations within the local government area every month. The success of the Water Quality Monitoring Program is dependant on community involvement, volunteers are currently needed for the GRW, so please contact Kogarah City Council today and get involved in your local environment. 

The data collected by the GRW has been utilised for a study which looks at trends in water quality over time. The report found that while the quality of stormwater draining into the Georges River has improved, more still needs to be done. The report recommended using more 'Water Sensitive Urban Design' options (eg vegetated swales and constructed wetlands) to improve water quality before it gets to the river.

Moore Reserve - landfill recapping

While Moore Reserve's days of being a landfill site are long gone, we are still dealing with the side-effects. One of those is previously buried material being uncovered at the surface due to heavy rain and wind. This material can include building spoil such as concrete and metal which can be dangerous to users of the reserve.

Council staff keep a close watch on areas of Moore Reserve where fill material may be close to the surface. In addition the recently completed Oatley Bay Foreshore Restoration Project has reinforced the edge of Moore Reserve, while new native plants become established.  

Kogarah City Council has recently established an extensive water quality monitoring program. This program examines the environmental health of the Georges River Catchment within the Kogarah Local Government Area, with a focus on identifying areas of poor water quality and examining methods to improve current water quality along the Georges River.