Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions cover Rates, Waste, Building and Development, and Trees information for ratepayers and residents. 


How do I make a rate payment?

Council rates can be paid via one of the following methods:

  • Online using a credit card
  • Setting up a direct debit
  • BPay
  • Posting a cheque or money order to Council
  • At any Australia Post Office
  • Over the phone by calling 1300 886 792
  • In person at Council’s Service Centre, 2 Belgrave Street Kogarah.
  • Please see the reverse side of your rates notice for further information on payment options, or visit Council's Rates webpage.

When are my rates due?

Rates can be paid in full by the 31 August or by quarterly instalments due 31 August, 30 November, 28 February and 31 May.

For further information visit Council's Rates webpage.

Are pensioner rebates on rates available?

Section 575 of the Local Government Act 1993 provides for rate concessions for eligible pensioners.

The concessions are by an initial application.

The criteria for eligibility are:

  • The applicant must hold a current Pensioner Concession Card (PCC); or
  • The applicant must be a Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card Holder such as widow or widower with EDA, TPI or WW on the card.
  • The applicant must occupy the subject property as their sole or principal place of abode.
  • The applicant must not have made or received a pension concession for the same period on any other property in NSW.

To apply for a pensioner rebate, please visit the Customer Service Centre at 2 Belgrave Street, Kogarah and present your Pensioner Card.



How do I report my rubbish has not been collected or my rubbish bin is damaged or stolen?

To report that your garbage has not been collected, that your garbage bin is damaged or has been stolen, contact the Waste Hotline on 1800 079 390.

How do I book a Council Clean-Up?

Kogarah City Council does not offer an on-call clean-up service. Council offers two scheduled clean-up dates per year. To confirm the next scheduled clean-up date, contact the Waste Hotline on 1800 079 390.

Can Council remove dumped rubbish from my street?

If you witness the illegal dumping of rubbish, you are urged to contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 9330 9400 with a description of the type of rubbish, the registration of any vehicle(s) involved in the dumping, the make and model of the vehicle(s) and any other details including any person(s) involved in the incident. Council’s Waste Officer will then investigate the dumped rubbish and will organise for it to be removed.

How can I order a new bin?

If your bin has been stolen or damaged call the Waste Hotline on 1800 079 390 to request the repair or replacement of your bin.

How can I order an additional rubbish bin?

Contact the Kogarah Service Centre on 9330 9400 to request an additional bin application form be mailed to you. Once completed please return the form to Council’s Customer Service Centre.



How can I enquire on the status of a DA?

Development applications can be monitored via Applications Online.

When is a DA required?

Every building situation is unique and so Development Application requirements will vary. To find out the requirements relating to your building or development, please contact Council directly on 9330 9400 with your specific details. Further information is available on Preparing Your Development Application and Exempt and Complying Development.

Can I book a building inspection?

Building inspections can be carried out by either Council or an accredited private certifier, depending upon who has been nominated by the applicant as the Principal Certifying Authority.

If Council is your Principal Certifying Authority, you can arrange an inspection by calling Council’s Customer Service Centre on 9330 9400. Please call no later than 5pm on the day before the inspection is required. (For inspections on Mondays please call no later than 5pm on the previous Friday).

What is the zoning of my property?

The starting point for all zoning, land use and development enquiries is the Kogarah Local Environmental Plan 2012 (KLEP 2012). Through the zoning tables and the accompanying zoning map, you will be able to work out the range of land uses that are allowed in the zone that affects your property. These can be found online in the Kogarah Local Environmental Plan 2012.

To ensure that you have the correct information relating to your property, Council strongly advises that you purchase a Section 149 Zoning Certificate. You can request and pay for certificates using Council's online 149 and 603 Certificate Request and Payment form.



How do I request a council/street tree be removed?

Contact Council's Kogarah Service Centre on 9330 9400.

How do I request for a tree on my property to be removed or pruned?

If you would like to prune or remove a tree on your property, you will need to fill out a Tree Application Form, located on Council’s website under ‘Forms Listing’. Once the form is complete, lodge it at Council’s Kogarah Service Centre at 2 Belgrave Street, Kogarah along with the required application fee as stated on the form.