Resident Parking Scheme

Resident Parking Scheme

There are 7 Resident Parking Schemes (RPS) operating in the former Kogarah LGA, details of which are shown below. Please note, there is no longer an Area 3 in the Kogarah CBD scheme and in some cases RPS apply only to sections of the streets listed below. Houses located on the corner of an RPS street are eligible for a permit, even though they might have an address that is outside an area.

Area Numbering
Scheme Area Number
Kogarah 1
Kogarah 2
Kogarah 4
Kogarah 5
Hillcrest Estate, Hurstville 6
O'Brien's Estate, Hurstville 01
Carss Park CP1

Responsible Authorities

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)

The RMS is responsible for legislation relating to RPS. This means that each RPS in the former Kogarah City Council area must be implemented and operated in accordance with RMS guidelines.


Council is responsible for introducing RPS in its area. This includes performing initial parking studies and planning, providing signs, issuing permits, and bearing any costs involved with the scheme. Council is also responsible for enforcing parking restrictions. Note that the information on this page applies to the former Kogarah City Council local government area (LGA), which now forms part of the Georges River Council LGA. For information about parking in the former Hurstville LGA, please visit this webpage.

Information about the Resident Parking Schemes in the former Kogarah LGA

  • There are no areas set aside exclusively for the holders of parking permits
  • RPS are only introduced where there is period parking (for example 2 hour parking)
  • Only Council can issue permits
  • Every RPS requires that the permit be displayed to obtain exemptions from period parking restrictions
  • The holder of a permit is not guaranteed a space either in front of the residence or within the RPS area
  • A unique number identifies each RPS area
  • A parking permit holder can only get exemption from the time restrictions when the holder's vehicle is parked in a permit space
  • The area number shown on the permit sign must match the area number shown on the permit.

Eligibility Criteria

Council issues two types of Parking Scheme permits:

  • Resident permits, which are valid for resident use for a 12 month period commencing 1 July each year
  • Visitor permits, which are valid for 12 months, commencing 1 July each year. 

The eligibility criteria for each permit type are outlined below.

Resident Permit Eligibility Requirements

  1. The applicant must establish residential status within the RPS to the satisfaction of Council. Council will accept an Electoral Role card, a current Driver's Licence, a current Lease or Tenancy Agreement, current Rates Notice or a Utility Bill as proof.
  2. Generally, the residence in question must face a RPS street. Houses on the corner of a RPS street can be included. For example, a house on the corner of King Georges Road and Gallipoli Street can be included in the Hillcrest Estate scheme.
  3. Nominated vehicle registration details must be provided.
  4. Criteria for the number of permits is
  • if the resident has no off-street parking on their property, they are eligible for 2 permits
  • if the resident has 1 off-street parking space on their property, they are eligible for 1 permit
  • if the resident has 2 off-street parking spaces on their property, then the resident is not eligible for a permit.

Visitor Permits

  • Show residential status
  • Show the reason for issue of permit.

How to Apply

After considering the above criteria, if you feel you are entitled to apply for a parking permit, please download the application form below and submit to Council along with a copy of the current vehicle registration papers, showing the vehicle registered to that address. Please include a copy of your current driver's license for identification.

Resident Parking Permit Application Form

In accordance with Council's Fees and Charges, eligible applicants will be required to pay a fee for a parking permit.