School Zones

School Zones

School zones operate from 8am to 9.30am and 2.30pm to 4pm on all gazetted school days, including pupil free days.

School enforcement program

Council's school enforcement program operates for the safety of all children and families.

The aim of Council's School Enforcement Program is to minimise risks to children by parents and carers who choose to park illegally or drive irresponsibly when picking up or dropping off during school starting and finishing times.

The program has the cooperation of all school principals within the Kogarah Local Government Area and involves issuing regular warnings to parents via school newsletters. Enforcement action is undertaken by two uniformed Council officers who record plate details of offending vehicles.

Parking offences

Familiarising yourself with these offences will help keep Kogarah's school zones safe for children, families and the rest of the community.

Disobey 'No Stopping' sign

'No Stopping' zones must remain clear of vehicles at all times.

Safe, clear visibility of pedestrians and motorists is essential in 'No Stopping' zones.

You must not stop on a length of road to which a 'No Stopping' sign applies.

'No Stopping' signs are installed in areas deemed to be dangerous to motorists and pedestrians.

Disobey 'No Parking' sign

Use a 'No Parking' zone ONLY to drop off and pick up passengers, for a maximum of 2 minutes, and stay with your vehicle.

Short timed parking gives lots of motorists a chance to pick up passengers in a busy location.

'No Parking' zones provide safe access from the footpath on a school frontage into a vehicle for children.

Double park

Double parking is where a vehicle has stopped between the centre of the road and a vehicle that is parked at the side of the road. 

Double parking is potentially dangerous to alighting passengers and other road users.

You do not have to leave your vehicle or turn the engine off for it to be considered double parked.

Stop on/near Pedestrian Crossing

A driver of a vehicle must not allow their vehicle to stop within 20 metres on the approach side of a pedestrian crossing and 10 metres on the departure side, unless while in a traffic lane, the crossing is being used.

Stop in bus zone

A bus zone must remain available for the use of buses.

The correct place to drop off or pick up a child from school is a 'No Parking' zone on the school frontage. If this is not available, park in other legal spaces on the street and walk to the school. If you have concerns regarding parking access at your school, please state the matter formally in writing to Kogarah City Council.

Stopping on footpath/nature strip

A vehicle must not stop on a footpath or nature strip as it may cause an obstruction to pedestrians.

In some areas pedestrians may be forced onto the road in order to pass a vehicle parked in this manner.

Stop on/across driveway

A driver must not stop across a driveway unless they are picking up and dropping off passengers.

This must be completed within 2 minutes from the time they stopped, and they must move on as soon as possible once the action has been completed.

The driver must not leave the vehicle unattended and must move their vehicle if the owner of the property to which the driveway applies needs access.