Home Safety

Home Safety

Protecting your Property - Make your Home Unit More Secure

Home break-ins are often preventable and you can significantly reduce your risk by following simple steps to safeguard your unit:

  • Ensure security doors or building entrance doors are kept closed
  • If your building has a phone buzz in system, do not buzz in strangers, or let them in as you leave the building.
  • Ensure all doors have good locks - including balcony doors or upper story doors as thieves enjoy climbing. If you feel your unit does not have adequate locks, contact your landlord as under law they must provide and maintain reasonable security.
  • Check windows have suitable locking or security. This is particularly important for ground and lower floors, but should be checked in all units.
  • Do not leave doors or windows opened when you leave your unit or at night.
  • Never hide keys under the doormat
  • Leave a light on when you go out
  • If you are away for any from home for any length, have a friend clear your mailbox and check your unit.
  • If you have a garage or storage area attached to your unit, ensure it has adequate locks and as far as possible do not keep valuable items in it.

Recording and Identifying your Possessions

Keep a list of all your valuable items - just in case of theft. Record details of items by make, model, size, colour, serial number and original cost.

Photograph small items for easy identification. Use a matchbox or ruler to show the size of the object and show any distinguishing marks.

Engraving your valuable belongings deters thieves, as it is much harder to sell and helps police to track stolen property and those selling it. Identifying marks also leaves no doubt as to the ownership of goods. The best identification is your drivers licence number and state (eg NSW 123 4567)

Engravers are available to be borrowed from Council Libraries, along with instructions and recommendations for engraving items. Please call the library to ensure the engraver is available or to make a booking.

Kogarah Central Library 
Kogarah Town Square. Belgrave St. Kogarah. NSW 2217
Telephone 9330 9527/9330 9528

Oatley Branch Library 
26 Letitia St. Oatley. NSW 2223 
Telephone 9579 6553

South Hurstville Branch Library 
Corner Short and Allen Streets. South Hurstville. NSW 2221
Telephone 9330 9529

If you are robbed, remember not to touch anything, as police may have to fingerprint.