Street Lighting

Street Lighting

Street lighting is a vital service provided by Ausgrid for the safety of pedestrians and drivers within our community.

Ausgrid offers a wide range of services, including 24-hour fault reporting, quarterly night-time patrols on major traffic roads, yearly night-time patrols of all streetlights and systematic replacement of lamps in every street light every 30 months, to ensure the lights are operating . They also proactively replace the intelligent sensors that turn the lights on and off.

What to do when a street light goes out

Ausgrid is responsible for repairing streetlights they own and maintain within their network.

You can inform Ausgrid of any problems with street lighting by either

  • calling its 24 hour contact centre on 1800 044 808 or

  1. Location of the faulty streetlight by providing the nearest building number, street name and the nearest cross street to where the fault is located; 
  2. The streetlight pole number which consists of two letters and five numbers (for example AB 12345) and is located at eye level on the pole.
  3. Any other relevant information that will assist in the repair work such as number of lights out, noting nearby landmarks such as those located near a roundabout or crossing.

Other street lighting matters

For other street lighting matters please contact Kogarah City Council.