Compost Revolution

Compost Revolution


Cut your rubbish in half by investing in a compost bin or worm farm at half price. This is an initiative of the former Kogarah City Council (now Georges River Council) and the Compost Revolution.

Residents can join the Compost Revolution by completing the online tutorial on composting or worm farming. They will then be eligible to purchase a compost bin or worm farm at half price.  To be part of this fantastic campaign visit the Compost Revolution website, enter your post code and read the necessary information to complete the tutorial.

Did you know that almost half the contents of an average red lid garbage bin in residential areas is full of organic waste that can be composted? Compost be used on your garden to grow vegetables, flowers or used as a soil improver. Owning a compost bin or worm farm will help to reduce the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

So join the Compost Revolution and feel good about the environment!

Cost to residents?

Compost Bin: $39.75

Compost Turner/Aerator: $18.20

Worm Farm: $46.75

Worm Farm Worms: $23.20

For further information about the Compost Revolution, contact Council's Kogarah Service Centre on 9330 9400.