Domestic Waste Service

Domestic Waste Service

Weekly bin collection

Council provides each household with a domestic waste service. This service includes the use of a general garbage bin (red lid), a recycling bin (yellow lid) and a garden waste bin (green lid).

All single dwelling residents are provided with a 120L mobile garbage bin with a red lid. All non-recyclable domestic waste should be placed in this garbage bin.

Residents who live in units or flats are provided shared access to a 240L mobile red lid garbage bin.

All domestic waste services in the former Kogarah Local Government Area are picked up weekly every Wednesday.*

* Some variations apply

More information

  • Find out what you can place in your red lid garbage bin (637KB)
  • Call the Waste hotline on 1800 079 390 for more information about missed bin collections, bin repairs, clean up collection dates, stolen bins and a free quote for at-call waste collection.