Kerb Side Clean-up

Kerb Side Clean-up

Domestic households receive two kerbside collections per year for larger household items such as white goods, furniture and other household goods. Up to three cubic metres of clean up materials will be collected, which is equivalent to approximately the same area as eight full recycling bins. Council notifies residents of their bi-annual collection by letterbox drop in the weeks leading up to the starting dates.

To check your kerbside clean-up collection dates, call the Waste Hotline on 1800 079 390.

Council accepts the following items in the kerbside clean-up collections: 

  • Vegetation prunings and tree loppings bundled together in one metre lengths, with a maximum width of 15cm, bundled together using string made from natural materials
  • Metals and white goods including fridges, stoves, televisions, washing machines, bikes, and appliances, with doors removed prior to leaving items on the kerb side
  • Furniture and household goods including lounges, mattresses, toys, garden equipment, and large boxes.
Please note that the following materials will not be removed:
  • Building materials such as bricks, tiles, asbestos and concrete
  • Paint and paint tins
  • Window glass or mirrors
  • Car parts and tyres
  • Liquids or hazardous items including chemicals, motor oils, and petrol
  • Items that cannot be lifted by two people
  • Materials that can be recycled in your yellow lid recycling bin including cardboard and glass bottles.

Council reserves the right to reject any clean-up items.

At-Call Waste Collection

An at-call waste collection service is available for single house properties only and can be arranged by calling the Waste Hotline on 1800 079 390. A free quote will be provided for this service, based on the number and volume of items to be collected. The property owner pays for this service directly with Council's designated waste contractor. Please note that multi-unit dwellings (units), villas and townhouses are not eligible for this service.