Carss Bush Park

Carss Bush Park

Location: Carwar Ave, Carss Park

Features: water views, promenade, bushland, historical museum

Facilities: BBQ, picnic, toilets, playground, parking, cycleway, walking track

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Carss Bush Park is located on the foreshore of Kogarah Bay, off Carwar Avenue, Carss Park. The park land consists of a relatively large area of public open space partly adjoined by residential properties. It covers an area of approximately 25 hectares and has been classified as a place of Regional Heritage Significance under the provisions of the Kogarah Local Environmental Plan, 1998.

The area now known as Carss Bush Park was originally part of Jonathon Croft's 54 hectares of land that was purchased from the Crown in 1854. The land changed hands several times before it was purchased by William Carss, a cabinetmaker from Scotland, in 1863. The lot comprised 54 hectares (120 acres) of undeveloped bushland and wetlands with stands of mangroves. William Carss chose to construct his house on the point in Carss Bush Park, which today is known as Carss Cottage. William Carss died in 1878 and the land remained in his family until 1916 when it was left to the Sydney Sailors. 

Kogarah Municipal Council purchased the Estate in 1923 and reserved part of the land as parkland and subdivided the remainder into building blocks. Carss Cottage was converted into a historical museum which today is leased to the Kogarah Historical Society.

Carss Bush Park offers a wide variety of recreational facilities and services. These include the Carss Park Café and Grill, the Kogarah War Memorial Olympic Swimming Pool, sports fields, bushland, playground areas, picnic and BBQ facilities, an intertidal swimming area, a Life Savers building, internal car parks, a stage area and other amenities and infrastructure.

As part of the newly adopted Carss Bush Park Masterplan in 2011, it is proposed that a new wider bicycle and pedestrian path will become part of the Botany Bay Trail to Oatley Cycleway and the proposed Great Kai’mia Way. Once completed the cycleway will provide better access by bike from neighbouring Todd Reserve to Carwar Avenue, Carss Park.

A dog friendly area exists opposite to Parkside Drive Reserve.The entry is via Carlton Crescent

As part of the adoption of the park Masterplan redevelopment, new seating, shelters and some pathway upgrades will be delivered this year. It is anticipated that if successful future financial funding grants are received, it will enable the creation of a widened foreshore beach promenade and the re-furbishment of the existing sea walls. Improvements will also be envisaged to the bathing facility with the inclusion of a more naturalised opening of the existing creek.

Carss Bush Park is a valuable community asset that improves the lifestyle of our residents as well as making a significant contribution to the quality of the natural environment.

See: Plans of management section

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