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NSW State Government

NSW Government
The Official NSW Government website.

Parliament of New South Wales
This website provides a history, outline structure, and general information about the parliament of NSW.

Department of Local Government

Lgov NSW
Lgov NSW, formerly Local Government and Shires Associations (LGSA) of NSW, represents the Local Government Association of NSW and the Shires Association of NSW. The Associations represent the views of NSW metropolitan, regional and rural councils to other governments, providing industrial relations and other specialist services to councils and promote Local Government to the community.

The agency responsible for planning, policy and regulation of the natural and built environment, rural and urban management and development of housing policies.

RTA - Roads and Traffic Authority
The RTA manages the use, maintenance and enhancement of the NSW roads and traffic system.

New South Wales Environment Protection Authority
This website offers a calendar of green events, the NSW State of the Environment report, news, legislation, and more.

Department of State & Regional Development
This website offers services for businesses seeking to invest or expand in NSW, as well as profiles of industries, regions and investment advantages.

NSW State Electoral Office
This website features results, district information, and resources for schools.

Commonwealth Government

Australian Commonwealth Government
Official Commonwealth Government website with current news and issues, links to other government sites, information on Parliament, and foreign affairs.

Government Online
The Government On-Line Directory (GOLD) is the online guide to the structure and key people in the Commonwealth Government.

Australian Local Government Association

Parliament of Australia
Official Parliament website featuring live broadcasts, visitor information, educational resources, and more.

Australian Bureau of Statistics
The Australian Bureau of Statistics is Australia's official statistical organisation.

Business Entry Point (BEP)
Entry point to discovering Federal, State, and Local government information and services for business in Australia, including regulations, licences, codes, assistance, grants, and programs.

This website provides services to people who obtain information or assistance from a range of Commonwealth Government programs.